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Machine Users

The machine account is intended to be used exclusively for automation and integrations. Since this account won’t be used by a human, and will not have a corresponding account in your source code management system (e.g. GitHub), it’s referred to as a machine user. This article describes how to create machine accounts and what machine users can do.

You can manage machine accounts using the command line utility. Please see the command line documentation for installing and configuring the command line utility.

First, generate a token for your machine user:

$ openssl rand -hex 16

Create a machine account:

$ drone user add prometheus \
  --machine \

Or create a machine account with administrative privileges:

$ drone user add prometheus \
  --admin \
  --machine \

In the above examples we provide the machine account with a name (e.g. case prometheus) and a 256-bit token. This token can be used to authenticate when using the CLI or API.

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