This section of the documentation will help you install and configure the Drone server and one or many runners. A runner is a standalone daemon, installed on a remote server, that polls the server for workloads to execute. Install runners on many servers to create a distributed build network.

Server Installation

Drone integrates seamlessly with popular Source Control Management providers. Please choose your provider to get started.

GitHub /installation/providers/github Bitbucket Cloud /installation/providers/bitbucket-cloud Bitbucket Server /installation/providers/bitbucket-server GitLab /installation/providers/gitlab Gitea /installation/providers/gitea Gogs /installation/providers/gogs

Runner Installation

Drone runners poll the server for workloads to execute. There are different types of runners optimized for different use cases and runtime environments. You can install one or many runners, of one or many types.

Docker Runner /installation/runners/docker Exec Runner /installation/runners/exec SSH Runner /installation/runners/ssh Digital Ocean Runner /installation/runners/digitalocean