Usage FAQ

How does Drone count users?

The system counts all registered users. A registered user is user that has signed-in to Drone which in turn creates an entry for the user in the Drone database. The user count is a simple count of user entries in the database.

How does Drone count repositories?

The system counts all enabled repositories. A repository is enabled by clicking the Enable button in the user interface which in turn configures the repository to accept webhooks and trigger builds. The system does not count disabled repositories that have not been Enabled.

How can I see the repository count?

  • Find the repository count using the Prometheus metrics endpoint

    # HELP drone_repo_count Total number of registered repositories.
    # TYPE drone_repo_count gauge
    drone_repo_count 42
  • Find the repository count by querying the database:

    SELECT count(*) FROM repos WHERE repo_active = true

How can I see the user count?

  • Find the user count using the Prometheus metrics endpoint

    # HELP drone_user_count Total number of active users.
    # TYPE drone_user_count gauge
    drone_user_count 42
  • Find the user count using the command line tools

    drone user ls | wc -l
  • Find the user count by querying the database

    SELECT count(*) FROM users

How can I see the license expiration date?

Find the license expiration date using the /varz endpoint

{"license": {"kind":"standard", "expire_at": "2020-08-18"}}

How can I reduce the user count?

You can remove user accounts using the command line tools. Please note that if you remove a user account, and that user account activated a repository, it will need to be de-activated and then re-activated by another user.

  • Example command to list users, including their last login

    drone user ls --format="{{ .Login }} {{ .LastLogin | time }}
  • Example command to remove a user

    drone user rm octocat

Do inactive users count against usage limits?

The system does not differentiate between active an inactive users. This is because a user may look inactive (may not have recently authenticated) but may still be triggering builds (opening pull requests, pushing code, etc) and viewing results outside of the user interface (using command line tools, github status, etc).

What happens when I exceed usage limits?

If you exceed the your license limit you will need to reduce your user count or upgrade your subscription accordingly. We can usually process upgrade requests same-day. The cost to upgrade is prorated based on the number of days remaining in your current subscription period. Please contact our sales team for assistance.

What if my user counts are rapidly growing?

Organizations with high growth potential should consider an unlimited site license. This eliminates the need for license accounting. The tradeoff is the annual license fee may be expensive if your current user counts are low relative to the overall size of your organization. Please contact our sales team to learn more.